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At Alxport Business Solutions, we streamline the setup process, ensuring compliance and efficiency. From legal documentation to regulatory approvals, our team offers tailored solutions so you can focus on growth. Whether launching a local LLC, incorporating a corporation, or creating an offshore entity, we provide comprehensive support. Partner with us and begin your business journey with confidence!


The LLC, short for "Limited Liability Company," is a business structure in the United States recognized for its simplicity and flexibility compared to the corporation model. Similar to the limited liability company (LTDA) structure in Brazil, an LLC provides protection to its members from legal issues that may arise.


The Corporation structure, also known as a Corp, is characterized by a hierarchy that includes shareholders, directors, and officers. This model follows specific regulations such as corporate bylaws, mandatory shareholder meetings, the preparation of annual reports, and the issuance of shares.


Offshore companies are foreign business entities established in specific jurisdictions that offer tax exemptions to attract investors to the region. These companies aim to reduce tax burdens and strengthen financial credibility.

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