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Meet Our Founder, Alex Porto

Over 20 Years of Experience in Financial and Accounting Management

Graduated in Accounting from La Salle RJ (Brazil) with a specialization in Financial Management, Accounting, and Auditing from FGV (Brazil). A crisis management specialist, Alex brings extensive experience to our company. His leadership and broad expertise ensure that our team delivers exceptional services and innovative solutions to our clients.

Alex Porto

– Founder of Alxport Business Solutions


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Mission, Vision, and Values

Wellcome to Alxport Business Solutions

With over a decade of experience in accounting management and a dedicated team of professional.



Our mission is to Transform Financial Challenges into Opportunities for Success, offering a complete portfolio of solutions in accounting, financial and business management. Our goal is to ensure business continuity through crisis management strategies, empowering companies, organizations and individuals to overcome financial challenges and achieve sustainable growth, impacting and strengthening the American economy.



Our vision is to create mechanisms where crises are faced with resilience and overcome successfully. ALXPORT is committed to being a driving force for global economic growth. We believe that, by strengthening companies and individuals, we contribute to a more robust and resilient economy to ensure a solid financial future.



We value consistency in delivering high-quality, ethical, reliable and effective services to our clients, protecting them from potential threats and helping them make golden decisions.Values Our values for consistency in delivering high quality ethical, reliable and effective services to our clients, protecting them from potential threats and assisting them in making lasting decisions.

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